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Bitcoin Miner UPDATE - Android v1.7.8

Updated: Feb 21

Without a map we’d all be a bit lost, right?

Wondering around with our eyes closed has never been much fun.


Thankfully world navigation just got a whole lot prettier (and cohesive!) in Bitcoin Miner with our newest v1.7.8 update.

Previously the map screen was in a panel format, and showed four separate worlds that the player could visit to mine in - this consists of Hills, Desert, Cave and City. As the player progresses in the game, they mine further in each map. In version 1.7.8 the map screen gets a face-lift.

  • Brand new design

  • User friendly interface

  • The possibility of some exciting new areas to explore

To take a peek at the new map design - download Bitcoin Miner from the Google Play store here.



You can prestige in the game and sell your portfolio of miners for GPU - these GPU will make your coin production faster and mean you can progress through the game faster too - meaning you’ll get further through the game maps. So don’t be shy - sell your portfolio!


What else is new?

  • Fixes to the way the Piggy Bank works.

  • Fixes to the store system.

  • Fixes applied to ZEBEDEE cash-out flow.

  • Fixes to ‘Next’ upgrade button

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