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We've hit another milestone...

... and we're giving away 500,000 sats to celebrate!

Yo gang, it’s PiggyB here. As you know Bitcoin Miner hit 1,000,000 downloads earlier this year and we celebrated with a sats /rain storm. Well now we’ve hit 100k members in our Discord server!!! Let me tell you why that’s mega-celebration-worthy👇

The Fumb Games discord server is the home of our fun, passionate and amazing community of players. The Discord is run by our dev team and they host regular awesome activities; opportunities to earn bitcoin, fan-art competitions, weekly achievements, game feedback, teasers and more. It’s the home of all we do!

To celebrate hitting this big number we’re holding a BLOCK PARTY in Bitcoin Miner.

This Saturday when you open Bitcoin Miner, you’ll see the option to enter the party and get mining to assemble a huge firework…

You’ll mine coins to build and then blast off the firework! Once launched, players can take a screenshot and post it in the #100k-block-party channel in our Discord server or in reply to THIS giveaway announcement tweet. This screenshot will enter you into a sats giveaway draw where we’ll pick 5 winners to award 100k satoshis. That’s right, we’re giving away 500,000 satoshis to say thank you!

We can’t wait to watch you all launch your fireworks and help us celebrate this milestone! Now see you this weekend for our biggest party yet.🥳

PiggyB out.

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